Charging Flex [100 OG]

Mobile phones are fragile gadgets. No matter how much you protect it, there are instances when you drop it in water or on the floor. The chances of such accidents are bleak but when they happen, they can damage your mobile. If the SUB board of your mobile has been damaged in a fall, you can replace it with a new one. 

Check out our website to find the best quality charging flex, SUB board, charging board, and other essential components for your mobile. You can also purchase each of these components separately depending upon the problem that you face. 

Mcare offers a complete range of charging flex (100% OG) ensures top performance and seamless current supply every time. Each flex is QC passed, offering original type quality, 100% best quality, and proper fitting. Trust in Mcare for the best quality and service at an affordable price. is here for all your mobile spare parts and repair needs.

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