RD (Mcare Mobile Parts)

India's No.1 Spare Parts Company.

RD (Mcare Spare Parts)

India's No.1 Spare Parts Company

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Our Story

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Mcare Spare Parts

RD (Mcare Mobile Parts) - India's No.1 Trusted Mobile Spare Parts Company

RD (Mcare Mobile Parts) is India's No. 1 company in mobile sparts, lcd, touch, toolkit and batteries. The company was established in Mumbai, India in 1999. We have brands like RD, Target, Tessco and Mcare. Today we provide a one-stop solution for all your mobile related needs. We currently take orders for mobile phone spare parts and accessories which includes LCD, Flex Cable, Touch Screen, IC, LED, Speakers, Mics, Keypads, Repairing tools, Tool Kits and other parts and components and get them delivered at your door step! We also provide a wide range of mobile phone accessories such as battery packs, mobile phone chargers, mobile phone holders, cases and covers, scratch guards etc. in a variety of designs and models at your door step.

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